For 25 years, Domus Renova Homes is producing high quality wooden furniture, kitchens, windows, doors, floors, fences and stairs for renovation and new construction in Maspalomas and the surrounding area. We are especially strong in custom made, whether it’s one single window or to provide your entire home with new high-quality carpentry.

Our strengths are service, good information, thinking with the customer and extensive experience. Furthermore, the quality in relation to the price is a plus. The Domus Renova Homes workshop has the most modern workshop in Gran Canaria and manufactures and sprays every step of the production process in-house.



The best thing about choosing our custom-made kitchens over flat pack kitchens is our ability to deliver every aspect of your dream kitchen, precisely how you envision it.



Whether you need a custom fit built-in wall unit of cabinets or a unique piece that until now has only been in your imagination, Domus Renova Homes can make it for you.



Choosing made to measure doors is the right solution if you’ve been searching for the ideal bespoke doors to fit unusual door frames in your home.



Domus Renova Homes manufacturers high quality 100% custom wood windows. There are no limitations on design configuration, size, quantity, glazings, profiles or wood species.



Our staircases and rails are traditional architectural masterpieces crafted by the finest artisans. We can create custom stairs in any shape, size and form imaginable.



Whether you opt for a wooden floor made from oak, maple, ash or any other wood-type, you can rest assured that our flooring is made from high-quality, natural materials.



A terrace deck is an ultimate outdoor space since it does not only provide beautiful views but can also serve as an urban garden.



Our pergolas are created to meet your individual space requirements. We can accommodate a large variety of custom sizes.



Our most discerning clients who appreciate the natural and sustainable nature of wood, choose wooden fence as much for its beauty as for its performance.

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Why choose for Domus Renova Homes, Wood Division

Domus Renova Homes is a reliable and renowned wood carpentry who will work with you from the starting to completion of the project in order to provide excellent and satisfying services. We offer a free pride quotation so that you can make decisions accordingly.

We have hands-on experience in handling different types of carpentry projects. We know how to handle different carpentry projects in a quality, professional and affordable manner.

There are different types of home improvement projects. This enables us to offer several options for your home improvement projects. We provide you an option that will surely fit in your home architectural designs and also fall within your budget.

Our professional carpenters have all there sources and tools required for completing any project in the best possible way. Our workshop is the most modern installation in Gran Canaria. Our professionals give careful attention to all the processes from the planning to completion to ensure the durability and quality of their projects.

There are several factors which need careful attention. Our carpenters take care of all these factors and adhere all the local building guidelines in order to offer long-lasting, quality and affordable carpentry services to every client.

Domus Renova Homes saves your a lot of money in the long run. A carpentry project if not handled properly can cause various problem in the future. Our professionals take care of all the potential problems in order to offer excellent and one-time carpentry services to every customer.

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