When our clients bought their apartment in Playa del Inglés and decided in June to reform their property they required that the apartment had to be finished in October. Domus Renova Homes managed to complete the total reform in 3 months time including new flooring, walls, ceiling, electricity, plumbing, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and furniture. The owners of the apartment are interior decorators themselves and Domus Renova is proud that they are extremely satisfied with the result!

Christian & Dusko from Switzerland

Rene visited the island during 30 years when he decided to buy an apartment with his boyfriend in the year 2005. His first experience with a constructor was not a very positive one; they did not apply the waterproofing layer on the roof terrace which resulted in large water damage in the underneath apartment. When Rene asked a tiling company, located at his complex, for a recommendation, they mentioned and recommended Claudio from Domus Renova. Rene describes this as one of the best choices of his life to contact Domus Renova. The complete roof terrace had to be re-done which resulted in removing over 32.000 kilo of concrete. A brand new terrace with jacuzzi came in place and Rene was extremely pleased with the solutions that were offered by Domus Renova like the integrated water system for the plants. Rene lives in his apartment from november till march and the rest of the year family and friends can use it. The total reform took 4 months, within schedule and fulfilled all the wishes of Rene. Domus Renova is proud that Rene describes the company as the best of Gran Canaria. This resulted in the complete reform of the entire apartment including bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen and floors and ceiling. Here you can find the results of this reform.

René from Switzerland

Harald visited Gran Canaria for the first time in 1975. When he first bought an apartment, he decided shortly after to sell the apartment and buy a more quiet bungalow located in of the most popular locations of Maspalomas with great views over the golf course, the dunes and the ocean. As the bungalow was constructed in 1985 it needed a complete reform. It was recommended by one of their Norwegian friends to contact Domus Renova as their experience was a very pleasant one. Harald was positively surprised by the integral service offered by Domus Renova, from the complete design of the reform till the complete execution of all necessary tasks. His first idea was to install an IKEA kitchen but the price quotation of a custom made kitchen made him decide to change this. A fully equipped custom made kitchen was produced and installed. The entire reform took less than 4 months, within the set time schedule.Especially the walls call a lot of attention from their guests. They were treated with a special, unique and exclusive treatment, the “Spatula Stuhhi” technique. This consists of 5 layers from a mix of marble and lime. Harald is impressed by the after sales service offered by Domus Renova and describes his entire experience as “more than satisfied…it´s fantastic”.

Harald from Norway

Tobbe from Sweden visited Gran Canaria for the first time in 1993 and after many holidays on the island he decided he wanted to have his own home. His busy job in Sweden was one of the reasons he wanted to created his own residence to get the maximum relaxation during his holidays. Tobbe bought his first apartment in 2010 and the real estate agent recommend Domus Renova as Tobbe indicated he is a perfectionist and was looking for the best contractor with an integral service. The real estate could give two references but there was no other company that offers the same service and quality as Domus Renova.
The entire reform took a total of 4 months. Tobbe specifically appreciated the input of creative inspiration and ideas offered by Domus Renova. The combination with his own ideas resulted in an extraordinary apartment. Since the construction team of Domus Renova started with the reform, every single day work was done on the project. According to Tobbe, the difference is in the details, everything is perfectly finished. Tobbe has invested in another two apartments in the same complex and to him there is no other option than Domus Renova taking care of the entire reform.

Tobbe from Sweden

In 1997 Harold and his wife bought this amazing property in the “Golden Mile” street Avenida de Gran Canaria in Playa del Inglés. They already owned a bungalow before deciding to move to this villa. It was their german neighbor that recommended Domus Renova to renew their garden. New planter, drip watering system, integrated lighting and artificial turf were installed within a short time. Now Harold can enjoy his brand new garden and the gorgeous views overlooking the golf course, dunes and ocean during their long stays on Gran Canaria.

Harold from Germany