Exclusive brands available at Domus Renova Homes


The Italian company presents its flagship product Tenda Service Bioshade, a bioclimatic pergola parasol that uses natural light to reduce energy consumption and provides comfort to its users, because it allows to isolate exterior spaces and create a barrier to unwanted heat.

Service Tenda origins date back to 1983 in Bari, when Salvatore Dirello founded an artisan laboratory specializing in awnings. Already in 1998 the company adopted its current nomenclature and begins mass production of solar protection, launching the new brand later Programma Eclissi 7.

The products of the company have two-year warranty and meet the relevant physical and mechanical certifications from external laboratories.

No other entrance is trimmed with such innovative forms. They seize the attention with their different surface levels as well as with their astonishingly clean and perfect smoothness. Every handle is a masterpiece of its own, at night arousing more sighs of admiration as it lights up. The fourfold glazing offers the possibilty for endless play with patterns and textures.

Pirnar is the best first impression. And for those who are leaving, the best last impression. It is a long sigh of admiration. Amazing forms, stunningly sturdy and strong. Something you touch with enjoyment every day. It is your first contact with the home that makes you enormously proud.

It is made for people who are aware of their excellence.

Quality. It’s a word you hear a lot around DEDON. In fact, it’s DEDON’s obsession.The quality of DEDON’s designs, the quality of fiber, the quality of weaving, the quality of service, the quality of our lives – in everything there is, DEDON works hard to deliver quality to be the best. And then, when they’re absolutely certain that it is, we keep looking to improve.

Each piece of DEDON outdoor furniture is a unique example of great craftsmanship and “proudly made in the Philippines”. A pride you can rely on: No less than eight quality checks are carried out on different stages of the production process in their factory on the island of Cebu. Exclusively available at Domus Renova Homes.

At Gloster we open doors to timelessly beautiful exteriors where your furniture sets the mood, just the way you want it to be. And we take the long view, using only the very best materials and techniques available. Our aim is your pleasure – to be enjoyed in countless special moments outdoors.

Of course, great manufacturing is wasted without great design. Gloster currently works with several world-renown designers to create timeless outdoor furniture.

Once a concept is approved, designers work closely with the development team at our factory to further refine their designs.

An excellent solution to create more space in your existing residence! We can help you design the perfect solution for your space. The BELITEC® bed underframe consists of a high quality slatted frame system with special beechwood sprung slats, resting in flexible S-rubber bearings, thereby guaranteeing healthy and restful sleep.

That cumbersome fold-away bed is now a thing of the past. BELITEC offers you incredible advantages – additional useable living space during the day with no hint of a bed. That means over 90% of the space remains available for other use without having to move everything. When you need it, simply push the button on the remote control to obtain a full-sized, top quality bed designed according to the latest standards in sleep comfort.